Preacher's Books


Judge Not

Summary: This story, beings when a biker buys and old dilapidated church in a small country town.  The law doesn’t know how to deal with a real biker. The local reverend feels threatened.  The citizens become intrigued.  They watch as “Doc” begins the monumental task of rebuilding the old sanctuary.  They become involved when they realized that his goal is two-fold.  Doc must rebuild the old church, and, he must rebuild his faith in God.

Fight Fire With Fire

Summary: All Matt wanted to do, was help the inner city Kids make a better life for themselves. In the summer, he coached Baseball. In the fall he coached Football. He taught Boxing year around. When a greedy developer tries to take away his gym Matt fights back. He calls on Preacher to serve up justice -BIKER STYLE!

Preacher: Do Unto Others

Summary: Preacher, is a long-time Harley rider whose recent divorce with the death of his young daughter leaves him questioning his purpose in life. As an act of defiance, he spends his last dollar to buy a lottery ticket that nets him millions of dollars. This however, doesn't deter him from the decision to take to the road for answers. Riding across Nevada on his modified '71 FLH, he gets caught up in a town emergency.

Preacher: Thou Shall Not Lie

Summary: Preacher, on his continuing quest for answers, finds a young hang-around who wants to learn the ways of the road. Preacher allows the kid to ride along. A repair on the kid's bike causes them to stop in Rock Springs. The kid's sister, Suzie, offers them residence, and an old biker offers them assistance. The old man has a difficult time teaching Preacher how to bring up a prospect. Suzie, however, is more than willing to learn the lessons Preacher has to teach. Together they learn that the first lesson in life is the hardest. To thine own self be true.

Preacher: Eye for an Eye

Summary: Preacher returns from his road trip thinking he has found his purpose, and what he should do with his life. Life, however, does not cooperate. He can not find that one person that needs his help. It takes a crime against society to show him his true path, and how to accomplish it.